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Posted By :    Diana Weeks  (
Posted :    3/30/2014
Comments :    I would like to take a moment to thank the staff at Auburn Valley Veterinary Hospital. They provided a lovely end of life service for my beloved cat Buddy. They were compassionate, caring, and kind. We were allowed to comfort Buddy all the way through the procedure, and he was never nervous, afraid, or stressed. I had no worries whatsoever. I know that I will bring all of my remaining pets to them for all services from this day forward...even though I live in Tacoma. :o) A heartfelt THANK YOU to the staff of Auburn South Vet. Sincerely, Diana & my beloved boy Buddy
Posted By :    Daniel, Shoeshine Boy, Sweet Polly Pure Dog and Simon Barsinister
Posted :    12/26/2012
Comments :    Doctors Kyle, Deb and Alicia have been taking care of my pets since the early 1990s. My dogs get better care here than I do at Group Health! Dr. Kyle is a professional and puts up with my ex-wife jokes. Dr. Deb sucessfully removed a 9 pound tumor from our Lab! She came to our house when we really needed her and put our dalmation to sleep. The staff is wonderful; they board and trim my unruly beagles with the patience of saints. Dr. Alicia keeps my beagles healthy.
Posted By :    Tammy Larsen  (
Posted :    6/5/2012
Comments :    All the vet's are wonderful. Dr. Deb is our "go to gal", though. She quite literally saved my Boxer, Rose, nine years ago from a very serious and difficult to treat disease that in not often seen. To this day, after months of treatment, lots of it painful, Rose can't wait to jump up and lick Dr. Deb furiously when she sees her! I have recommended her to all of my friends and family - they've all changed to using Auburn South Veterinary Hospital and, as I do, love the top notch and compassionate care we get every single time. They are the best, truly.
Posted By :    Helga Jackson  (
Posted :    5/23/2012
Comments :    I would like to let you know that Doctor Deb is the most Compasionate Vet that I have ever met. She put my sweet little Guy to sleep today and did it so comforting to me and my Husband. I truly rate this Doctor one of the best I have ever dealt with and I think she is the best. Thank you Dr. Debbie for beeing so kind to our Dusty.
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